Product Safety Data Sheet[For Additives (Coatings)]Reference No.RG-A02
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Created by Susumu Suzuki
Created/ Revised 4/3/2006
Product Identification
Product name: Real Guard A
Type: Alkyl-Alkoxy-Silane-Monomer
Major use: To enforce concrete, natural stone, brick, etc., and to protect them from damage caused by salt, freezing temperatures and general degradation.
Material(Substance) Identification
Components and Contents (hazardous and harmful substances)
Component Name CAS No. Content Remarks
Alkyl-Alkoxy-Silane-Monomer - 27% -
Other Inorganic Liquids - 73% -
Classification of Harmful and Hazardous Properties
Classification: Aqueous Solution
Comments on Hazardous and Harmful Properties
Does not correspond to the classification standards
First Aid Measures
In case of contact with eyes
* Rinse eyes with tap water or eye wash.
* Consult a physician.
In case of contact with skin
* Wipe with a cloth.
* Wash affected area with water or soap and water.
* Consult a physician if you experience pain or changes in the skin's appearance.
In case of inhalation
(Does Not Affect)
In case of ingestion
* Do not panic, consult a physician immediately.
* Do not allow the affected person to re-ingest any expelled material.
Measures in Case of Fire
Usable Extinguishing Agents
Water [OK], Carbon Dioxide [OK], Foam [OK], Powder [OK],Dry Sand [OK],
Others [none specified]
How to extinguish (Real Guard A is not flammable)
Measures in Case of Leakage
Wear appropriate protective equipment (eye glasses, gloves, etc.) when working with the substance.
Cautions for Handling and Storage
Cautions for Handling
* The container should be re-sealed after use, as silane is hydrolyzed by water vapor in the air.
* Wear appropriate protective equipment to protect mucous membranes and eyes.
Cautions for Storage
* Store in a well-ventilated area.
* The container should be completely sealed, as silane is hydrolyzed by water vapor in the air.
* Avoid direct sunlight.
* Store away from sources of heat and flame.
Measures to Prevent Exposure
Cautions for Handling and Storage
Product Features
* Install exhaust ventilation equipment to prevent vapor retention.
* Equipment must be placed away from source of ignition or high temperature.
* Use a ventilator when working in a enclosed area, like a water tank or such. Give sufficient ventilation, especially when working in a bottom of an enclosed space.
Protective equipment
Inhalation Protection
* Wear a gas mask suitable for organic gas.
* Wear an air-supplied respirator mask, if in an enclosed space.
Eye Protection
* Wear protective eye glasses
Skin Protection
* None specified
Other Protective Equipment
* None specified
Product Physico-chemical Properties
Status Liquid [yes], Gas [ ]
Solid: Solid Form [ ], Powder [ ], Paste [ ]
Color: Colorless and Transparent
Odor: None
Boiling point: 98 Celsius ~ 108 Celsius
Steam pressure: 8 Pa (108 Celsius)
Density (relative density): 0.98 ~ 1.2
pH: 6~8
Others: Water Soluble
Hazardous Property Information
Product Features
Flash point: (None) Celsius
Ignition point: (none) Celsius
Explosion limit: (lower limit) -- % (upper limit) -- %
Reactivity Stability
Conditions (temperature, light, etc.)
Substances hazardous to touch
* None specified
Harmful gas produced by burning, etc.
* None specified
Other reactivity information
* None specified
Other hazardous property information
* None specified
Harmful Property Information
Harmful properties of component substances and exposure concentration standards
Product name Concentration ACGIH (TLV) IARC Others (rat)
(Not present) - - - -
Other harmful property information regarding component substances
* None specified
Harmful property information for product
* No safety test conducted as a product.
Environmental Effects
* Cautions for leakage and disposal must be observed.
Cautions For Disposal
* Effluents produced by washing containers, machinery, etc., must not be discharged directly to the ground or drains until it is diluted with water to 1/3 of its original concentration.
Cautions For Transport
Common: Follow the guidelines in "Cautions for Handling and Storage."
Transport on land: Follow the transport decrees in Fire Defense Law, Occupational Health and Safety Law, and Poisonous Material Control Law, if applicable.
Transport by sea: Follow the Law for Safety of Vessels
Transport by air: Follow the Aviation Law
United Nations No.: (None)
Major Applicable Law
Main Documents Quoted:
* Petrochemical product MSDS sheet published by manufacturer
* Solvent Handbook (Ohmsha, Ltd.)
* Product Safety Data Sheet Guidebook
Please handle with appropriate care as the evaluation of harmful and hazardous properties is not always sufficient.
Composition: For both A and B type
Application Specification
Analysis Report for REAL GUARD A
Result Analysis based on the Standard of Water Supply Regulation
Test Method and Its Lowest Result in Fixed Quantity of Water
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