introduction: The Importance of REAL GUARD
REAL GUARD In recent years, acid rain has been a serious global environmental problem. Acid rain is primarily caused by air pollution, which could be attributed to the rapid industrialization and modernization in this past century.

The life of concrete was said to be 60 years when it was first introduced. 20 years ago, the speed of concrete deterioration was 1mm in ten years. Nowadays, the speed of concrete deterioration is said to be 2 to 3mm in 10 years, mainly because of acid rain. Thus, the deterioration of concrete increased three folds in the past 20 years. Even though the air pollution regulation is becoming tighter by the year around the world, it will not stop the acid rain in an instant.

And so, let us proudly present our epoch-making product: REAL GUARD!

REAL GUARD increases the life of the concrete, mortar, marble, brick, ALC, etc, and transforms the neutralized concrete to alkali, so that the concrete can bring back its original strength. Also, REAL GUARD has water-repelling effect to avoid absorbing acid rain. These elements are important in preventing concrete deterioration. The National Railways Corporation of Taiwan called REAL GUARD: "miracle liquid."

For example, REAL GUARD is applied to the concrete pillars used under the railings of JR Tokai'fs bullet trains, brick buildings of Tokyo Station, Nihon Kasai Yokohama Building (eighty-year-old historical buildings), and Basha-michi (brick laid historical street in Yokohama) for reinforcement and prevention of its deterioration. Moreover, REAL GUARD can also be applied for new concrete, and it is recently used for the new Prime Ministerís Official Residence and Saitama Stadium.

It could be applied on many surfaces, such as concrete, mortar, marble, brick, ALC, etc. Once applied on surface, REAL GUARD crystallizes inside the material and makes it dense. "Repairing" the concrete does not mean, "brushing up" the surface of concrete. "Repairing" means "strengthening" the concrete itself and slowing down the process of concrete "deterioration," which can be achieved by using REAL GUARD. 18 years have passed since its first introduction.

REAL GUARD has type A and B. Type A has a faster water-repelling effect and is suited for concrete and other relevant materials with no top coating (i.e. the applied material itself is the outer surface). On the other hand, Type B has a slower water-repelling effect and is suited for concrete and other relevant materials with top coating (such as paint). Since REAL GUARD is inorganic, it is harmless to human and is different from similar type of organic water-repelling coatings, because REAL GUARD will permeate into the material, crystallize, and form a water-repelling layer inside, rather than applying a coat on the outer surface of the material.

Please examine our product. Thank you.

April 1, 2002

Susumu Suzuki

President, TSC Co., Ltd.
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